Thank you j.creative • graphic design & illustration!

The Wallowa Fund would like to thank Joan Madsen at j.creative•graphic design & illustration for the wonderful Wallowa County brand logo that we are using for our new letterhead. The Wallowa County brand was first developed in 2007 as a community ‘owned’ brand representing:  Our genuine rural community. Our optimistic spirit. Our majestic land of inspiring beauty. Products and services home grown with pride. Quality behind products, services and relationships with land and people. Value for rural life – vision for the future, family, quality of life , a simplified lifestyle, grounded.

These values are definitely reflected in the community-defined priorities for the Wallowa Fund. In fact, clear back in 2007 people were already thinking that the brand could also be used to ask consumers to donate to a ‘special Wallowa County fund’ which would be used to support local projects.  It’s great that the brand and the Wallowa Fund are now connected!


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