Advisory Committee

The Fund Advisory Committee is a made up of volunteers from throughout the County. The committee meets periodically. These volunteers donate their time to share information about the Wallowa Fund and encourage support for the Fund. The Committee also works with representatives from the Oregon Community Foundation to monitor the goals, finances, programs, and performance of the Fund.

Committee members are responsible for periodically gathering community input on the priorities and goals that the Fund should support. The Committee will also make recommendations of projects and activities to receive support from the Fund. There are still opportunities to get involved as a Fund Advisory Committee member. Anyone interested in serving on the Committee is encouraged to contact any of the current members or volunteers. High school students welcome.

Fund Advisory Committee Members and Volunteers

Fund Advisory Committee Members

Deborrah Reth,  Nora Hawkins, Liza Butts, Kaye Garver. Not pictured, Joseph Goebel. Past Advisory Board members, Tom Bingham, Bill Finney, Brenda Sullivan, Joseph Harshman, Silje Christofferson.

  • Liza Strickland Butts

Liza was born and raised in Joseph and moved back to the area after living in various places and finishing degrees in Finance at the University of Idaho and Education at Eastern Oregon University.  Liza was named Tourism Leader of the Year in 2005 by the Wallowa County Chamber and brings diverse background in fundraising, education, and more to the committee.  Liza is a Business Technology teacher at Joseph Charter School.  Liza says that she’s most excited about helping the community in becoming even stronger for future generations.

  • Kaye Garver

Denver-born committee member, Kaye lived in Oregon and Washington before landing here in Wallowa County.  Kaye is a retired pastor of the Joseph Methodist Church and served on the Board of Trustees for the OR/ID United Methodist Conference, Wallowa Lake UMC Camp & Retreat Center Site Team. She has also participated with the Wallowa Valley Orchestra and the SMART reading program.  Kaye is most excited about being able to help individuals and groups in the county to be active in the future of the county.

  • Nora Hawkins

Born in Wallowa, Nora grew up in Portland and Wallowa County. Nora has worked in a variety of capacities in Wallowa County, as a brewer, mountain guide, wrangler, and farmer.  She is a graduate of the Ford Institute for Leadership Program and will be an asset to the committee because of her diverse acquaintances in all parts of Wallowa County and her knowledge of agriculture, both small and large.  Nora is excited about the great potential she believes the fund holds for Wallowa County.

  • Deborrah Reth

Deborrah was born on a chicken farm in New York. She now lives in Wallowa. Deborrah has worked as an EMT using her expertise to manage a medical team during fire season as an R6 Incident Medical Specialist.  She is active in Wallowa County Search & Rescue .  Deborrah brings to the group an in-depth understanding of many of the community’s needs and services and is excited about the Wallowa Fund’s potential to increase community sustainability and stability.

  • Joseph Goebel

Joseph Goebel was born and raised in Wallowa County. After attending college, he returned to the County to work for the US Forest Service. He is also co-owner of a sawmill. Joseph appreciates the value of hard work and careful decision-making  in reaching one’s goals. He is excited about the Wallowa Fund’s potential to provide new resources for business development, education and other important community projects.

  • Silje Christoffersen

Although Silje takes the cake for farthest birthplace (Africa!), she has spent the most of her life living on Alder Slope.  An active student, Silje recently graduated from Enterprise High School where she was involved in student government, Future Farmers of America, and “just about every sport.” Silje was also a long time member of the Nez Perce Riders 4-H Horse Club and served on the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo court.  She is currently a student at Williams College and has enjoyed bringing a young person’s perspective to the Wallowa Fund.

  • Joseph Harshman

Raised in Enterprise, Joseph graduated from Enterprise High School, where he  is enjoyed playing football and basketball. He loves the outdoors and   worked as a gearboatman with Winding Waters River Expeditions and with Oregon Department of Forestry.  Joseph studied at the University of Oregon. Joseph was glad to use his contacts, ideas and energy to help the Wallowa Fund grow.

Other Volunteers

Lisa Dawson and Sara Miller serve as outreach volunteers, assisting the Advisory Committee with presentations and displays about the Wallowa Fund,  fielding questions about the Fund, how to volunteer or donate. Anyone interested in volunteering for the Wallowa Fund is encouraged to contact Lisa and Sara  at  541 426 3598.

Oregon Community Foundation Contact

Julie Gregory,  Regional Director for Central and Eastern Oregon, is the Wallowa Fund contact at the Oregon Community Foundation. Julie is excited about the potential of the Wallowa Fund, the first of its kind in Oregon, to become a local resource for positive change. Julie regularly visits Wallowa County to meet with the Advisory Committee and to assist donors who have questions about gifts of stock, property, planned giving or other types of contributions. Julie can be reached at  541-382-1170 or

Volunteer Testimonials:

“When you’re planting a seedling, it’s hard to imagine that it will grow into a huge forest, but that’s what we’re doing, planting the seed of something that will continue to grow and benefit future generations.”
– Sara Miller, Joseph

“Just think what we could be doing now if our grandparents had set up something like this when they were our age!”
– Lisa Dawson, Joseph

“I see a need for this and I’m going to give all I got to help.”
– Joseph Harshman, Enterprise

“I want to help put money into programs that are in the best interest of the county.”
– Silje Christoffersen, Enterprise

“The Wallowa Fund holds great potential and I’m serving on the committee to provide age and geographic diversity for a group that is making important choices for my community.”
– Nora Hawkins, Wallowa

“I’m involved because I want to work towards better community stability.”
– Deb Reth, Wallowa

“I am committed to living here long term and I want to help develop Wallowa County’s future.”
– Kaye Garver, Joseph

“It means a lot to me to be able to return to my hometown and I want to make it even better for future generations, and for my own generation so that people can return home and find a good job if they so choose.”
– Liza Strickland Butts, Joseph