General Information


To develop, improve, maintain, nurture, and sustain Wallowa County’s economy, heritage and rural lifestyle.


To create a community fund to support projects and activities in Wallowa County.

Why was the Wallowa Fund created?

There are many worthwhile ideas and efforts to improve Wallowa County’s economy and provide opportunities for current and future generations. These ideas and activities need financial support, but they don’t always fit with the priorities of foundations and funders located in other parts of Oregon. The Wallowa Fund is supported by donations from people who know and love Wallowa County and led by volunteers who live here and understand both the issues that challenge our communities and the nonprofit organizations working to address them.

How does the Wallowa Fund work?

Tax deductible gifts of many types and sizes can be made to the Wallowa Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation.  Oregon Community Foundation invests these donations on behalf of the Wallowa Fund and the earnings are used to make grants in Wallowa County.  A local advisory committee will recommend strategic grants to qualified non-profit organizations whose projects and programs will have the greatest benefit.

What will the Wallowa Fund do?

The fund will support activities which address the most important issues facing Wallowa County. These issues may change over time, which is why flexibility is important.  Based on community input, currently priority will be given to projects addressing:

  • developing a vibrant local economy & family-wage jobs
  • maintaining a rural lifestyle and opportunities
  • sustainably using natural resources
  • improving educational & youth opportunities
  • developing, maintaining recreational opportunities

What are the financial goals of the Wallowa Fund?

The initial goal of $50,000 will make the Wallowa Fund a permanent financial resource. A portion of the earnings will be paid out to benefit local projects and the remainder reinvested to help grow the fund.
In the next ten years, if each person in Wallowa County gave $75 per year, that could add up to $5.25 million, an amount that could provide more than $300,000 per year for local projects! And the fund will continue to grow!